Deft Prose

Deft Prose is where your fingers and phrases have friends. It would be my pleasure to edit your words and make them shine or to create words to speak for you.

I'm Susannah Gardner. I've spent the years since earning degrees in Print Journalism and American Literature at the University of Southern California wrangling words in all kinds of ways. My first job at the Los Angeles Times launched me into a career helping publishers of all kinds navigate the Internet, while writing a few books of my own. I've taught journalism students online journalism, run a Web design company devoted to content developers, and read more books than I can count while doing it.

Written words have been my passion since I first pieced them together into sentences. There is little I find more satisfying than helping someone to say what they really mean in the clearest and most compelling possible way.

I love words, and I'd love to help you with yours.