Deft Prose

Put simply, Deft Prose is about making your words efficient, effective, and accurate, whether I write them or edit them. That may mean helping to organize your thoughts, or to develop a particular voice, or ensuring your punctuation is perfect. Bring me your novel, project proposal, biography, thesis, news story, blog post, or white paper. Think of me as your behind-the-scenes critic, but also as an ally always on your side.

Copy Editing

Copy editing is where your words are examined for comprehension — do they make sense?; and accuracy — are they spelled correctly, punctuated properly? A copy editor assesses formatting to make your meaning clearer, whether that means using a list or breaking up paragraphs. If you're writing a piece with particular style guidelines, like a thesis, a copy editor ensures all formatting rules are followed. As your copy editor, I'll also remove generalities, inconsistencies, and identify factual or comprehension issues.

Technical Editing

A technical editor makes sure that what you've written is, well, technically correct. Are instructions clear and accurate? Is the background knowledge a reader needs to complete a task included? I may recommend additional resources or information, or find ways for you to organize your instructions in a more intuitive order. My biggest focus is always to make sure your expertise is distilled most effectively for your intended audience, and to know where your reader may need a little extra help. I'm particularly well-versed in Internet and Web technologies, from project management to code.

Development Editing

This is the whole enchilada of editing, looking at the work as a whole as well as in detail to make sure the entirety hangs together. Bring me in at the beginning to create a structural outline, or at the end to give the piece cohesion and professionalism. I walk a fine line as a development editor between writing coach and ghostwriter, but what you will end up with is entirely your thinking, with strong structural and stylistic support.

Copy Writing

Can't find the words? Let me find them for you. I'll tackle your project, whether you need the prose on your Web site to invite, an essay to inform, a survey to inquire. I specialize in non-fiction, informational, and journalistic writing, particularly for Web and social media, but — like most writers! — I'm always interested in new challenges.

No project fits neatly into a single box! Ask me if you aren't sure what you need.